09 June 2023

Place of the enterprise in the market of Ukraine

On a volume of production of welding fluxes and sodium silicate PRJSC "Zaporizhskloflus" is the leader in Ukraine. On glassware production goes into number most of major concerns.

PRJSC "Zaporizhskloflus" is alone in Ukraine by the plant on production of the majority of the welding fluxes marks of common assigning and sodium silicate. The factory has unique machinery for production of welding fluxes by a new method - method of dual refinement of a melt. This most progressive method of boiling of welding fluxes protected by the patents, essentially has improved welding-processing property of welding compounds at conservation of a favorable proportion of quality to the price.

During the last years the plant stably accumulates volumes of production, abbreviates energy output of commodity, the retrofit of production is permanently carried conducted, the new manufacturing processes and aspects of commodity are elaborated and implanted.

Tax number: 002932508240
EDRPOU: 00293255
Ukraine, 69035, Zaporozhye, Diagonalnaya 2

Bank requisites:
Account: UA303510050000026000617360400
Bank: BNP PARIBAS GROUP "Ukrsibbank", MFO: 351005

Sodium silicate, welding fluxes:
+38(061) 239-70-70
Liquid glass, glassware:
+38(061) 239-70-75

Payment for products:
Payment for shipped products is carried out by bank transfer by transferring funds to the account of the Seller. Company has a flexible system of discounts and payment delay. We will be glad to see you as our partners!

Shipment and products delivery:
Shipment of products is carried out from the warehouses of the enterprise. It is possible to delivery by road, rail, river and sea transport. We will consider any of your suggestions!

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