Quality control of commodity

"Zaporizhskloflus" PRJSC the special notice gives to quality of emitted commodity. The quality control of raw, materials and shipped commodity, holding of installed know-hows on all sectors of production is carried out.

With the purpose of conservation of leading stands among the plants exhausting welding compounds, for welding and a heightening of their competitive strength, is designed and the management System of quality with deriving of the Certificates of Institute " DVS ZERT e. V" (Germany) on conformity to requests of the standard DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 and technological center "SEPRO" IEW named after E. Paton NAS of Ukraine on conformity to requests DSTU ISO 9001-2001. All commodity emitted "Zaporizhskloflus" PRJSC is certificated.

The applicable Certificates confirming high quality, are issued:

  • by technological center "SEPROZ" IEW named after E. Paton NAS of Ukraine;
  • by the Russian Marine Register of Navigation - on welding fluxes and sodium silicate dissoluble;
  • by an organ on certification " TUV Nord e. V " - on welding melted fluxes;
  • by an organ on certification "Sklosertificate" at the Ukrainian State Institute of Glass - on glassware and medical cups "Petry".

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