08 February 2023

Soluble sodium silicate

soluble sodium silicate

Soluble sodium silicate (lump silicate) - is a glassy crystalline substance produced in the form of shapeless homogeneous transparent lumps without mechanical inclusions visible to the naked eye, with a faint green, yellowish or bluish tint, obtained by melting in a glass furnace at a temperature of 1300-14000С of quartz sand (silica-containing component) with soda ash.

Our company produces sodium silicate with a silicate modulus from 1.8 to 3.7.

Nomenclature of sodium silicateNOMENCLATURE OF PRODUCTS

Item no. Product name Normative document (ND)
1 Sodium silicate module 1,8 - 2,2 ГОСТ 13079-81
(ТУ У 20.1-00293255-001:2020)
2 Sodium silicate module 2,2 - 2,6
3 Sodium silicate module 2,6 - 2,8
4 Sodium silicate module 2,8 - 3,0
5 Sodium silicate module 3,0 - 3,3
6 Sodium silicate module 3,3 - 3,5
7 Sodium silicate module 3,5 - 3,7
Silicate module Mass fraction, %
silicon oxide sodium oxide amount of aluminum oxide
and iron oxide (III)
iron oxide (III) calcium oxide sulfur oxide (VI)
no more
From 1,8 to 2,0 incl. From 63,2 to 65,5 incl. From 33,8 to 36,3 incl. 0,4 0,05 0,25 0,15
Over 2,0 to 2,2 incl. Over 65,5 to 67,6 incl. Over 31,7 to 33,8 incl.
Over 2,2 to 2,4 incl. Over 67,6 to 69,5 incl. Over 29,9 to 31,7 incl.
Over 2,4 to 2,6 incl. Over 69,5 to 71,1 incl. Over 28,2 to 29,9 incl.
Over 2,6 to 2,8 incl. Over 71,1 to 72,6 incl. Over 26,8 to 28,2 incl.
Over 2,8 to 3,0 incl. Over 72,6 to 74,0 incl. Over 25,4 to 26,8 incl.
Over 3,0 to 3,3 incl. Over 74,0 to 75,7 incl. Over 23,7 to 25,4 incl. 0,5 0,10 0,40 0,30
Over 3,3 to 3,5 incl. Over 75,7 to 76,9 incl. Over. 22,7 to 23,7 incl.
Over 3,5 to 3,7 incl. Over 76,9 to 77,8 incl. Over 21,3 to 22,7 incl.
  • Sodium silicate is made in pieces of at least 20 mm and no more than 150 mm in size. Pieces with dimensions less than 20 mm and more than 150 mm are allowed if their total mass does not exceed 40%.
  • Quartz sand according to ДСТУ Б В.2.7-131 or other regulatory documents in force in Ukraine
  • Soda ash technical according to the normative documentation in force in Ukraine
  • Sodium silicate is packed in soft containers of the MKR type according to the normative documentation in force in Ukraine, shipment can also be carried out in bulk. Net weight of one container MKR - from 1000 kg to 1250 kg
  • By agreement with the customer, sodium silicate can be packed in another container according to the regulatory documentation in force in Ukraine, which ensures safety and quality during transportation
  • Sodium silicate for export is packaged according to contract requirements

  • Transit shipment rate - railway open wagon (68 t)

    Non-transit norms are shipped by the Buyer's motor transport

    Delivery by river and sea transport is possible
  • for the manufacture of liquid glass (aqueous sodium silicate solution)
  • in chemistry: in the production of synthetic detergents
  • in petrochemistry: in the production of silicate paints, catalysts for the cracking of oil, white soot, silica gel, anticorrosive primers
  • in the pulp and paper industry: for impregnation of paper pulp, as glue for cardboard, corrugated boxes
  • in mechanical engineering: a binder for the manufacture of rods and molds, welding electrodes
  • in light industry: as an impregnating and fixing agent for bleaching and dyeing fabrics
  • as well as for the manufacture of putties, casting, flotation
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Tax number: 002932508240
EDRPOU: 00293255
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Bank requisites:
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Bank: BNP PARIBAS GROUP "Ukrsibbank", MFO: 351005

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Payment for shipped products is carried out by bank transfer by transferring funds to the account of the Seller. Company has a flexible system of discounts and payment delay. We will be glad to see you as our partners!

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Shipment of products is carried out from the warehouses of the enterprise. It is possible to delivery by road, rail, river and sea transport. We will consider any of your suggestions!

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