Soluble sodium silicate

soluble sodium silicate

It is manufactured ion form of shapeless pieces with size up to 150 mm. The transportation is effected in bulk without packing in soft disposable containers (Big-Bag type) made from polyethylene fabric. Minimum railway lot is 60 t open wagon.

It is used in:

  • manufacturing of liquid glass (water solution of block silicate) according to GOST 13078-81;
  • machine-building: binding material for manufacturing of rods and forms of welding electrodes;
  • paper industry: for the impregnation of paper pulp, as glue for cardboard, corrugated tare;
  • in chemistry and petrol chemistry: in manufacturing of synthetic cleaning agents, silicate paints, catalysts for oil cracking, white carbon, silicagel, anticorrosion primes;
  • in light industry: as a impregnation and fixative agent for bleaching and dyeing of fabrics;
  • and also for the manufacturing of pastes, casting, flotation.

Physical-chemical indexes

  • soda natrium silicate ГОСТ 13079-93;
  • potassium-sodium and sodium-potassium silicates that are used for the manufacturing of welding electrodes TU U 21.140-97.
Soluble sodium silicate Potassium-sodium silicate КН-1 Sodium-potassium silicate НК-1
1 Appearance Homogeneous, transparent shapeless pieces with size up to 150 mm without mechanical that can be seen with the naked eye; with shades: faint green, yellowish and dark green.
2 Mass fraction %
Silicon dioxide 71.7-73.1 66.0-69.0 69.3-72.0
Potassium oxide - 21.5-24.7 7.2-9.5
Sodium oxide 26.0-27.4 6.5-10.0 18.4-20.7
Sums of ferrum oxides and aluminium in recount on aluminium oxide - 0.70 0.80
Sums of calcium and magnesium oxides - 0.40 0.40
Sulphur oxide 0.15 0.35 0.35
Aluminium and ferrum oxides 0.48 - -
Including ferrum oxide not regulated - -
Calcium oxide 0.25 - -
3 Silicate module 2.6-3.6 2.85-3.25 2.75-3.1

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